Listening Guide

Jesus wants us to ask … 
  • Not just for easy things, but for hard things.
  • Not just the things we would expect, but the things we wouldn’t.
  • Not just to help us work better, but for him to do what only he can do.

What we ask of Jesus is a reflection of what we believe about Jesus.  What are we to believe about Him?

  • He is preparing a place … speaks to his mission, his story.  (2-3)
  • He is the way, the truth and the life … speaks to his uniqueness, his exclusivity. (4-6)
  • He is God — one with the Father … speaks to his identity. (7-11)
If we believe, we will ask.  If we don’t ask, do we truly believe?
Why wouldn’t we believe?
  • We’re not looking for the place he’s preparing; we’re not interested in his story.
  • We’re embarrassed or turned off by his claim to exclusivity.
  • We don’t really believe he is God.
What are we left with?
  • No urgency – because we’ve not joined his mission
  • No desperation – because we’re seeing many ways, many truths.
  • No expectation beyond what we can do.
What really matters is not the sincerity, the intensity, or the consistency of our belief, but the object of our belief. (12-14)
When we believe in him …
  • HIs mission is all we long for.
  • His truth is all we see.
  • His power is all we trust.
If you believe great things about Jesus, you will ask great things from Jesus!

Discussion Questions

  • What are the things that you typically ask God for?
  • What kinds of things should you ask God for, that you are currently not asking?
  • What does your prayer life — the things you ask for — reveal about what you actually believe about Jesus?
  • For whom are you asking God?

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