Dealing with Disappointment (Exodus 5)

Listening Guide

Big Idea: When you are in the midst of the mess of life a powerful, promise-keeping God stands ready to help.

  • Moses was faithful to the assignment God gave him. He went to speak to Pharaoh and delivered God’s message.
  • Things got worse instead of better.
  • Leaders appeal to Pharaoh regarding the hopelessness of their situation.
  • Leaders blame Moses.

Exodus 5:21 – and they said to them, “The Lord look on you and judge, because you have made us stink in the sight of Pharaoh and his servants, and have put a sword in their hand to kill us.”

  • Moses complains to God.
  • Our disappointment in not seeing God do what we think he should do blinds us to the reality of what He actually is doing.
  • God’s people didn’t see a way out.

God doesn’t give us a roadmap, He gives us Himself to guide us.

Trust His Timing, Trust His Plan, Keep Going with God

Discussion Guide

  • What would cause a person to be disappointed with God?
  • What are some misconceptions people have about following God?
  • What are some ways we can encourage and walk with people who have been disappointed by God or others?
  • What could we do as a missional community to minister to the de-churched and unchurched?
  • How would you respond to someone who said to you, “Why follow God?”

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