How do I stay informed?

As with any family, communication is key to healthy and vibrant relationships. Over the past several weeks, Tapestry has endeavoured to increase the ways we communicate. There are now four ways to keep in touch with what is happening in the life of Tapestry: Sunday morning announcements, email newsletter, two distinct websites, and social media. In addition to casting a wider net for our announcements, we are hoping to build a system that is consistent and reliable for those in our church family and for those in the communities around us.

Our main main website serves the purpose as a bridge for those who are not a part of our church family to get to know us a little better before they check us out in person. Therefore, the information on the website describes who we are and what we do. Additionally, the website will soon include a sermon podcast for those interested in staying in-tune with our weekly teaching.

Our discipleship website serves as the online hub for communication and discipleship at Tapestry Church. This website differs from our main website in both form and function. provides a forum for the leaders at Tapestry to keep our church family up-to-date on current ministries, including specific posts which will serve to re-emphasize vision and direction of those ministries throughout the year.  Additionally, will serve as an online space for our entire church family to be informed and equipped in areas of: disciple making, leadership, mission, outreach, community building, and much more.

Consider the difference between our two websites this way: Our main website ( is similar to the menu you would find in any restaurant. It includes all the basic information about what will be served and how it will be served. Whereas, our discipleship website ( is more like the recipe book in the kitchen. It contains all the information needed to make the actual menu come alive. Likewise, our main website provides the basic information about who we are and what we do at Tapestry Church; and our discipleship website provides the information to those involved in how we are going to go about it.

Social Media

Our presence on social media (Facebook & Twitter, for now) has increased many-fold over the past month with daily posts, which include event information, meaningful articles, and edifying quotes or images. We have become an increasingly young church and as a result it is important to foster community online through social media, which hopefully, will manifest itself as genuine gospel community (see Acts 2:42-47) through the body of Christ. Additionally, most church-wide events will be advertised through our Tapestry Facebook page and, by all means, always feel free to invite friends to anything we are doing as a church family. Like our Facebook Page. Follow us on Twitter.

Email Newsletter

The email newsletter will serve as a weekly reminder to everyone who subscribes about what is happening in the life of our church family. Basic information will be provided in the email itself; however, more detailed information will be linked from the newsletter to social media (or to the website). The goal for our newsletter is to make it as graphically appealing as possible, while also providing the most necessary information about upcoming events in the life of Tapestry.



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