More Details: Missional Communities

This is the second instalment of our series on Missional Communities at Tapestry (if you missed the first instalment, check it out here: What are Missional Communities?).

Missional Communities will serve as the primary vehicle for discipleship at Tapestry Church. If we are to take the great commission seriously, and if we are to live up to our desire to be about making disciples who make disciples, then we need a system in place for everyone connected to Tapestry to be discipled. We believe that the best place for that to happen is within a Missional Community (MC).

MC Locations

At the launch of Missional Communities we will have 5 communities (2 in Cochrane; 3 in Calgary):

  • Jumping Pound Ridge (Cochrane)
  • Bowness (Calgary)
  • Marda Loop (Calgary)
  • Monterra (Cochrane)
  • TBD (Calgary)

You will notice that we only have four communities with confirmed locations. If you live in Calgary, and more specifically in Tuscany or a neighbouring community, we are looking for another host home. If you are willing to have a MC meet in your home once a week and would like to know what else might be involved please email:

MC Leaders

As each MC will learn as they come together later in September there will be a large emphasis placed on shared or team leadership. At Tapestry we have always believed that leadership happens best within the context of a ‘team,’ and this principle should also be present within our MCs as well; however, each MC needs a champion. An MC leader serves as the point person for each community, often times leading the group towards discipleship and mission through teaching, vision casting, and pastoral care. We currently have nine faithful men/women who have been preparing throughout August to lead or co-lead our communities this fall:

  • Robbie Booth
  • Bob Shelton
  • Scott/Earlene Glasgow
  • Max/Lynda Blazina
  • Patrick Henry
  • David Hanson
  • Me (Kelly)

How do members select a Missional Community?

All five MCs are strategically placed in areas of geographical importance. Often times the MC location corresponds to an area where several families already live and, therefore, it makes sense for an MC to exist in that place – Read our post What are Missional Communities? to learn a little more about MCs and mission.

We believe that proximity to other members of a MC will certainly provide more opportunity for family and mission to happen naturally throughout the week; yet, we acknowledge that in certain circumstances the composition of the group or pre-existing relationships will play a role in the decision making process. All that being said, our suggestion is to realistically choose a MC which will enable you and your family to be involved in the day-to-day life of other members and where you will feel encouraged to regularly participate in mission together.

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