Tapestry Prays

Tapestry Prays – Cochrane Edition

Will you join with your church family and commit to pray for our transition to Cochrane on Easter?

Prayer is the strongest commitment you can make to helping our church successfully transition. Below we have laid out a five-day prayer commitment for the week of March 20.

Monday: Pray for God to give Tapestry a continued passion to reach and serve people

Tuesday: Pray for 3 people who do not know Jesus (write their names on something you will see every morning and pray intentionally for opportunities to share the gospel).

Wednesday: Pray for our Transition Team as we draw closer to Easter.

Thursday: Pray for our Missional Communities to strengthen the core of Tapestry as they intentionally engage their neighbours and friends with the gospel.

Friday: Even as we transition to Cochrane, pray for our strategic works in East Village and Nolan Hill.

We invite you to be praying each and every day this week, but we also invite you to join with us corporately to pray together. This week we have two opportunities for you to pray with others.

Tuesday Morning — CSBS (200 Seminary View) — 5:00am

Friday Evening — Pastor Kelly’s House (12 West Copithorne Place) — 7:00pm

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