What are Missional Communities?

Missional Communities will serve as the primary vehicle for discipleship at Tapestry Church. If we are to take the great commission seriously, and if we are to live up to our desire to be about making disciples who make disciples, then we need a system in place for everyone connected to Tapestry to be discipled. We believe that the best place for that to happen is within a Missional Community (MC).

A Missional Community is built upon three things: Family, Discipleship, and Mission. You will notice that this follows closely with our identity as: A Gospel Family…Being Transformed by Jesus…For the Blessing of Our City. 


Each MC will live out our identity as a gospel family by regularly meeting together for a meal, sharing life’s triumphs and trials, praying together (and for one another), and simply ‘doing life together’ beyond the time slots of MCs and worship gatherings.


Discipleship happens best within the context of relationship. Therefore, as we come together as a gospel family, we provide for ourselves a space for authentic discipleship to take place. It is in this intimate space that we are enabled to share with each other and with ourselves our true walks with God, encouraging one another towards a life centered on the gospel where we live a life of repentance and genuine belief.


While we believe that MCs will more naturally gravitate towards Family and Discipleship, the emphasis on Mission serves as a constant reminder that the gospel not only has the power to save, but also has the purpose of redeeming the world and creating a new humanity. Each MC, through prayer and discussion, will choose a specific geographical region, relational network, or something similar as a point of missional emphasis (ie. Tuscany, Jumping Pound Ridge, gamers, young families, etc.).

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