What’s a Preview Service?

At the beginning of November, after our church overwhelmingly voted to transition from Tuscany to Cochrane, our first priority was determining the right worship space in Cochrane for Tapestry to facilitate growth and reach the community. The “right location” was seen as the most pressing hurdle our Transition Team faced as we began to meet. At the heart of our choosing the “right location” was our stated goal of transitioning well.

But what does it mean to transition well?

There were a couple obvious components to finishing well; such as, open communication and a well-laid out calendar of events. When our Transition Team formed we knew April was going to get here faster than we wanted to admit, so we had to be intentional in planning several, regular events between November and April that would allow us to transition well. The overarching objective for these events was to increase awareness both within our church and beyond our church about our coming transition to Cochrane.

Now only two months away, April is fast approaching. We have finally settled on our launch location (read more about why we chose our location here) and we felt the best thing to do to build awareness and prepare ourselves to transition well was to plan two Preview Services. As we began to talk about the Preview Services our Transition Team determined three main objectives.

1. The need for Practice

If we are serious about transitioning well into our new home in Cochrane, then we need to commit to put our best foot forward. Preview Services have been widely used in recent church planting; and while we are not technically a church plant in Cochrane, we are similarly introducing ourselves to a new community…and we want to do it well.

Every Sunday morning there are several ministry teams coordinating everything from worship music, preaching, children’s discipleship, set-up, coffee bar, etc. Every team has their own system in place that is well adapted to our school in Tuscany; however, as we transition to Cochrane and our new home at the Seminary, we will need to establish new systems that fit our new home. The best way to prepare for our launch is to allow our ministry teams to experiment and practice their new systems before we officially open our doors to new guests from Cochrane in April.

2. The need for Direction

As our ministry teams make adjustments to our new location, we will also be recruiting and training new volunteers to fill new roles within our ministries.

Our church is tremendously blessed to have so many capable and sacrificial servants within our family. Many of you already volunteer your time on Sunday mornings in our different ministries. Our Preview Services will help to provide some clear direction for all of our volunteers concerning how our new location will impact their roles.

Additionally, we are hoping to recruit other volunteers from within our church (and perhaps beyond) to serve in specific and strategic roles that will help us welcome many newcomers from Cochrane throughout the Spring. For this reason we will be hosting a Volunteer Fair immediately following our Preview Services on February 5 and March 5 (snacks provided).

The Volunteer Fair will allow ministry leaders to clearly articulate ministry needs, while providing anybody in Tapestry or new to Tapestry to see what roles might best suit their interests and talents. Our hope is to have all of our ministry roles filled by April 2, enabling us to transition well when we publicly launch later that month.

3. The need for Growth

Furthermore, the Preview Service provides an excellent opportunity for especially excited newcomers to join Tapestry even before we launch publicly. There may be some families in Cochrane – perhaps some that you even know – who have expressed enthusiasm about our transition to Cochrane, the Preview Service provides an opportunity for us to grow our core group before we launch.

Perhaps there are some families out there that God is already leading to Tapestry; families who will play an integral role in helping us launch well in April. Who might you invite this Sunday?

God is brining us to Cochrane on purpose. I believe that God is preparing to use our church family in a really special way in coming months and years. These Preview Services are just one of the many intentional steps we can obediently take as a church family to best prepare ourselves for what God has in store.

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